Easy Patient Management System for High-performing Clinics, Hospitals, and Doctors

Manage patients, medical bills, payments, appointments, room charges, tests, procedures, and discharge notes online efficiently.


Patient Management System Features & Benefits by Bajaj Finserv Health

Manage patient health records and data, appointments, medical billings, medicines prescribed, payments, rooms allotted, tests, procedures, surgeries, and discharge notes.

  • Patient Engagement

    • Remote patient monitoring
    • Offer membership and rewards for repeat patients
    • Attract new patients online
    • Share information online for increased patient engagement
  • Practice Management

    • Easy appointment management online
    • One-click billing and invoicing
    • Multiple doctor and department access
    • Store inventory, products and services data online
  • Consultations and EHR

    • Teleconsult patients online via secure chat or video call
    • Customise clinic interaction records
    • Generate and share e-prescriptions
    • File & store notes of sessions online
    • Easy file sharing between doctors and departments
  • Insights & Analytics

    • Analyse and manage clinic or hospital performance
    • Grow clinic or hospital practice based on data
    • Get activity reports weekly, monthly & yearly
    • Get in-depth patient insights

Why Bajaj Finserv Health?

Bajaj Finserv Health’s patient management software helps to digitize end-to-end workings of a clinic, hospital or a doctor’s practice in a few clicks.
  • feature
    Reach More Patients
    Get featured on the Bajaj Finserv Health app and web and amplify your reach PAN India
  • feature
    Easy Digitization
    Set-up all aspects of practice online. Be quicker and more efficient. Consult more patients
  • feature
    Prescription Assistance
    Generate e-prescriptions using templates. Share and access at any time with patient records
  • feature
    Insights & Analytics
    Get reports on patient payments, medical bills, appointments and more
Your data is secure!
  • Bajaj Finserv Health has adopted ISO 27001-2013 ISMS to secure the information assets completely.
  • BSI - a global authority in information security standards, has ensured that we’re compliant with international standards to manage and secure information assets efficiently.

Doctors Speak

Used by 1000+ Doctors, Discover what users have to say.

  • profile

    Dr. Gomtesh Patil


    The DRx software is really good and easy to use. Patient data is saved in a couple of minutes & I can change my availability time easily and communicate with my patients easily.

  • profile

    Dr. Tanakal Chandankumar


    By using this platform, I can efficiently manage my appointments & build my clinic business. It has made tracking monthly reports easy & I can maintain patient feedback.

  • profile

    Dr. Yugal Bagora


    This is a very good app! I got amazing responses from my old and new patients. I have shared the Bajaj Finserv Health QR code with my patients, so they can reach me conveniently.

  • profile

    Dr. Sounder Rajan


    The Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor app is working very well. I can manage my clinical practice online & offline perfectly. Patient's address & medical records are easily saved and accessed.

  • profile

    Dr. Rohit Nandurkar

    My experience with Bajaj Finserv Health is awesome! I am very happy to use the online consultation service on video. It has saved me a lot of time and managing patients is very easy now. App is user friendly.

  • profile

    Dr. Ajay Jasani

    I am now using the app for my daily routine work and now it is very easy to manage data of my patients on the Bajaj Finserv Health app. I get frequent appointments which is another good thing.

  • profile

    Dr. Meena Dharman

    The app is very useful for every doctor of any specialty or stream of medicine. Appointments & prescription part is very attractive and useful. With weekly clinic report, it is helpful to monitor or clinic.

  • profile

    Dr. Jayaram S

    Overall experience is good. Bajaj Finserv Health’s practice management software is a doctor & patient-friendly platform. Very easy to use for teleconsultation.

  • profile

    Dr. Nidhi Mistry

    I have been using this app for the last 8 months & I am impressed with the platform as it makes my work very easy & most importantly, my assistant doesn’t have to call patients for reminder appointments as I can send it via the app.


What is Patient Management System?

A Patient Management System is a tool to manage your administrative tasks efficiently and store patient records securely. It is aimed at improving your practice efficiency and improving patient experience. Patient management software helps in streamlining the set of activities hospitals and clinics need to complete every day. This includes appointment scheduling, payment & billing, prescription generation, and more. Using patient management software, managing and delivering information to patients becomes easier. Moreover, physicians and staff members get the time to focus on building strong patient relationships. As a health care provider, the priority should be caring for patients and not letting everyday tasks like paperwork, filing, scheduling, and billing get in the way of that. Patient management software can free up your time, helping you and your staff focus on caregiving rather than these time-consuming operations.

What does a Patient Management System do?

Running and managing a healthcare practice is a very difficult task. In general, it requires patience, care, and a great amount of paperwork. In order to run your practice smoothly, paperwork must be organized and filed accordingly. The patient management software can help you manage necessary tasks seamlessly and help you elevate your practice and give your patients a better experience.

The key features of the Patient Management System are:

  • Medical Records

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Payments & Billing

  • Appointment Reminders

  • Patient Communication

How Bajaj Finserv Health's Patient Management Software is different from others?

Bajaj Finserv Health’s patient management software helps digitise your clinic or hospital end-to-end in just a few clicks and is the best practice management software for doctors.

Below are some of its key features. It helps in

  • Patient engagement

  • Monitoring patients remotely

  • Expanding your online patient reach

  • Online appointment management

  • Easy invoicing

  • Generating and sharing digital prescriptions

  • Creating and storing private notes

  • Growing your practice with clinic insights

Is Bajaj Finserv Health's Patient Management Software reliable and secure?

Bajaj Finserv Health Patient Management Software is completely safe and secure to use. It is ISO 27001 certified and uses 256-bit encryption. The data stored is for the reference of the doctor only and is not shared with any other source. The communication and appointment reminders sent to the patients is also completely under the control of the doctor and no information is sent out to the patients without their consent.

Will I get access to the patients’ health records?

Yes, you can access and monitor patients’ health records which they choose to share with you before or after the consultation. You can also add private notes, information, prescription or medical reports for your patients and access them from anywhere whenever the need arises.

How much does Bajaj Finserv Health Patient Management Software costs?

You can start using Bajaj Finserv Health Patient Management Software at just Rs. 4999.

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